Sunday 26th June 2011


Do these words by JRR Tolkien also resonate with you?  “It is the job that is never started that takes the longest to finish.”

Yes there are things I just never get round to finishing because I never get round to starting them!  Yet I expect them to get finished and I am annoyed when they don’t.  Crazy but true.   This can include things like cleaning out my office, or replying to mail received an embarrassingly long time ago.  Or at a deeper level, like the perpetual postponement to prioritise my time and energy around what I know to be the passionate core of my life, as well as the reluctance to attend to “inner work” that has been biding for my full attention forever.

What are the “unfinished” areas of your life?  Are they unfinished because they have never been started?  Lets begin to begin….    Alan


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Sunday 19th June 2011


A special thanks to Dr Gilbert Lawrence for preaching this morning while I am preaching at Edgemead Methodist Church for a Manna and Mercy course this weekend.  Thanks Gilbert!

During Wednesday Church this past week we discussed the “Protection of Information Bill” presently before parliament and how in its current form threatens our fledgling democracy.  We decided to make a giant banner that we will hang from the bell tower declaring: “The Truth will keep us Free”

In our discussion we discovered that …

1. We need to confront our feeling of powerlessness to make a difference.

2. We need to confront our tendency to not do anything because we can’t do everything.  We need to do the right thing in the right way, right now—regardless of the result.

3. We need to realise that the struggle for justice is not over even though for some of us our lives are comfortable and secure.

As a Pentecost people we do what we do trusting / knowing all the while that more is being done in and through us by God and for God.  God needs us but it is not all dependent on us!  Strength, Alan






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