Toppies Mural

Toppies Mural


do justly,  love mercy, walk humbly

Micah 6:8

In the winter of 2014 Dan Splaingard, one of Central Methodist Mission’s congregants living in Sea Point, was out on an early Monday morning jog when he encountered a couple – Aubrey and Vanessa – outside waiting to pick from rubbish bins from his apartment complex. This made Dan uncomfortable; he said hello and then jogged on. As this pattern persisted week after week, it occurred to him that maybe he might offer Aubrey and Vanessa some warm coffee for the cold morning. In his mind whirled fears and doubts about what this could lead to…getting to know someone who picks your trash. Nonetheless something compelled Dan towards this action, and in so doing a new friendship began to form slowly week-by-week.

Meanwhile, he started to notice the beauty of plastic bottle tops found discarded all over the city and in some cases not able to be recycled. He asked if they would like to collect “toppies” for a small sum per piece and they happily agreed. Thus began the great gathering of toppies, which over a one-year period amounted to nearly 10 000 toppies in a huge range of colours. Once collected, these toppies were washed and sorted. In the meantime Dan designed a mural to utilise the abundant range of beautiful colours and to express, through one of the doors facing Greenmarket Square, this message from Micah 6:8 – Do Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly.

This mural was constructed by a committed team of artists, volunteers and supporters in June 2016: Adrienne, Aubrey, Bongi, Clint, Dan, Dee, Eric, Kendall, Ledelle, Oscar, Pam, Rachel, Siemon, Tshego, Vanessa.

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