Women’s Fellowship

Women’s Fellowship

Women from CMM, Kensington, Observatory, Salt River and Sea Point Methodist Churches

sometimes get together to celebrate Women’s Day (9 August) as well as have fun outings

such as the one to the Green Point Urban Park.

Turning Places of Worship into Sanctuaries of Healing was the theme of the 2012 Women’s Day Celebration held at Kensington Methodist Church. Elizabeth Petersen of the Faith & Family Institute was the guest speaker.

On Saturday 26 November 2011 the Women’s Fellowship tested our knowledge of plants and creatures (human and otherwise) at the Green Point Urban Park.

In 2011 each person was asked to bring their favourite cup and saucer to the Women’s Day celebration on 9 August and to share the story of why it is special. Kensington Methodist Church was our gracious host.

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