Sunday, 18 January 2009

Dear Friends,


Last week we reflected on the question: “Who do you say Penny Serenade divx you are?” It was a question of identity. If we don’t know who we are and do not have a strong sense of self two things may happen: King Lear movie


1. Money Train movie download We end up housing a restless frustration or even rage within ourselves. This is often unbearable, so to deal with it we are tempted to project it onto others. Our sense of inferiority may result in the addictive tendency to pull others down so at least we can be “above” them. We become experts in finding faults in others.

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2. If we don’t know who we are from the inside out then we may be tempted to try to find our identity from the outside in. Here we usually end up becoming addicted to material things. Like all addictions they finally fail to satisfy. Inner security cannot be achieved from the outside.

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To set us free from these terrible addictions we are invited to receive our identity from heaven as opposed to any other socially constructed category like nationality, culture or race. So let me give you some homework. Spend five minutes every day repeating over and over again to your self your heavenly defined identity: “I am beloved. A precious child of God. And BEAUTIFUL to behold.”

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Peace, Alan


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