Sunday, 11 January 2009

Dear Friends,

Do you remember the question Jesus asked his disciples after checking out what other people were saying about him?  He asked:  and “who do you say I am?”  Question around identity are important – so let me ask you a question:  “Who do you say you are?”

How do you describe yourself?  What words or categories do you rely on to give expression to your identity?  I guess many of us find our identity from the work we do, like the advert going around at the moment that says:  “You are what you do, so why not do the exceptional?”  It is a catchy phrase, but it is a lie.  Others of us may draw our identity from our nationality, religion, culture, language or even still the colour of our skin…, but who do you say you

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Husbands and Lovers are?  How we answer this question forms a massive part of the foundation of our lives.  And like a building’s foundation it is hidden from view, but all determining in what it supports above the ground.  Beyond this morning’s sermon I hope we will all take time in the coming days to engage this question.

We are not only individuals – we are a community and the same question applies:  Who do we say we are at the Central Methodist Mission?  To wrestle with this as a community I hope you will attend Connections

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which starts this Wednesday at 7pm. 

In hope and with joy, Alan.
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