Sunday, 01 November 2009

Dear Friends,                              


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Welcome!  In two weeks time we will celebrate the 130th anniversary of the dedication of this building way back on the 12 November 1879.  Even though we know that the Church is more about a community than a building—this moment invites us nevertheless to celebrate the beauty embodied within the majestic architecture of this amazing sanctuary.  Shallow Grave move

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We only have to read the daily comments written in the visitor’s book from people all around the world to appreciate the gift of this building to so many.  Almost every comment overflows in wonder at the beauty of this place. 

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I want to salute those who have over the years participated in OPEN DOORS which allows people every day to come and sit and rest a while in this sanctuary—to gather in a quiet space—and to be touched by a prayer-full silence that freely offers everyone a small gift of the sacred.  We will never know the significance of this OPEN DOORS ministry!  Thank You for Smoking download


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I invite us to take some time this morning to gather in the beauty of this place and then even more importantly to gather in all what God has done within our lives as a result of being connected to this place.  May our glad hearts show their gratitude on anniversary Sunday (15th November) with great generosity. 

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Peace, Alan

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