Sunday, 8 November 2009

Dear Friends,                                                                               


Welcome everyone!  A special welcome to Dr. Gilbert Lawrence who will be preaching this morning.  Thank you Gilbert. 


I am in Seattle this weekend preaching this morning (well later in the afternoon your time) at Bethany United Church.  I have been teaching for the past few days together with my father (the first time we have ever done some joint-teaching) at the Seattle University.


I will be back in time for the Flower Festival on Friday/Saturday—so I hope to see you all then, as well as on Sunday when we celebrate the 130th anniversary of this Sanctuary. 


Just thinking about the long history of the Methodist Church both here and at Buitenkant Street makes me wonder where we will be a few years from now.  Tell you the truth I don’t have a clue, but I trust that together we will find the way of faithfulness by the Light God gives us.  As we continue the journey together I am reminded of the motto of the son of a friend of mine, who when he was head boy of his School last year, his rallying cry was: “The guts to dream and the will to work”.  I do not know where we will end up but I do know that if we are to step into the Light that God gives us it will take guts and work….and I would just add, “the gratitude of joy that comes from friendship with Jesus…” will be given us. 

To the future,  Alan.


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