Sunday, 25 October 2009


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A special welcome to everyone who is visiting CMM this morning! 

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This week I came across the following words from one of my favourite authors: “Membership is not about who is in and who is out.  Shallow Grave dvd Membership is about who knows they are in and who does not.”

– Wendell Berry. 


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When I first read these words it was like taking a sip of an ice cold drink on a hot summers day—life refreshing.  Berry touches the heat of why I have always felt uneasy with the concept of membership—especially church membership.  Sadly throughout history the church has been obsessed with membership in the sense of who is in and who is out:  Who is welcome—who is not.  Who can preach—who cannot.  Who can love—and who cannot. 

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The Craft dvdrip Who is going to heaven and who is going to Hell etc.  Boston Strangler: The Untold Story divx download Frida movie

Painfully contributing to the false and self-righteous belief that those in the church are more special, loved and blessed by God than anyone outside. A church who understands membership is this way is bound also to be a church that focuses more on rules than on relationships. 


But what if the truth is that everyone is already a member—yes a member of God’s loving family and our role in “making members” is to let people know that they too are included. To let everyone know “you are in!”

This means we have just become a mega-church—every person on the planet is member!  In Her Shoes dvdrip

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Now let us tell everyone…..   Refreshed, Alan. Moby Dick movie download 7 Seconds video

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