Sunday, 8 February 2009


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I have been reflecting on the promises we made to each other two weeks ago during my induction service.  These promises give us our task as Jesus’ followers and they remind us what we should be focused on as Church.  In summary we promised that with God’s help we…


1. Will joyfully bring the gospel of Christ to those who do not know him.

2. Will be faithful in prayer and worship.

3. Will diligently study the scriptures.

4. Will not only hear the Gospel but apply it to our lives.

5. Will joyfully provide frequent celebration of Holy Communion.

6. Will strive for justice in society, being instruments of Christ’s peace and love in the world.


Let us use this as a measuring stick at CMM to make sure that everything we do aims to keep these promises as our priorities. 


I am challenged and excited to work out ways with you that will shape our living around these six priorities.  May God’s light guide us on this journey from promise to priority.

Joy to you, Alan


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