Sunday, 15 February 2009

Dear Friends     

Thank you to everyone who has contributed so generously to this Harvest Festival.  Today we are reminded in spectacular form of God’s faithful generosity toward God’s creation.  We also thank God for places like Stepping Stones, Ons Plek and City Care who are equipped to share our generosity with those who need it most. 


This past week Minister Manuel presented the Budget.  He opened his speech with a quote that was like a cold splash of water to the heart:


If the things we face are greater and more important than the things we refuse to face, then at least we have begun the re- evaluation of our world.  At least we have begun to learn to see and live again.

But if we refuse to face any of our awkward and deepest truths, then sooner or later, we are going to have to become deaf and blind.  And then, eventually, we are going to have to silence our dreams, and the dreams of others.  In other words, we die.  We die in life.  (Ben Okri, 1997)


May God give us the strength to engage our awkward and deepest truths so that our dreams, and above all God’s dream for the world, will never be silenced.  Alan


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