Sunday, 8 March 2009


Dear Friends

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A huge thank you to all those who attended the Leaders’ Meeting on Tuesday—for your time and thoughtfulness I am grateful.  It is exciting to be part of a group of people who a longing for God to do a new thing among us for the sake of the world around us. 


One of the decisions we made on Tuesday was to adopt a passage of Scripture that the Leaders’ Meeting feel called not only to read and reflect on, but to live out.  The Scripture we chose is the story of Jesus’ transformative encounter with the Samaritan woman at the Well, recorded in John’s Gospel chapter 4. 

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Following this story we believe that CMM is called to be a Well. A Well where people will not only have their physical thirst quenched, but a place where people may have an authentic-down-to-earth encounter with Jesus.  A safe yet challenging place to engage with the raw truth of our lives that ultimately empowers us to return to the places from which we have come with a new faith, hope and love.  This story is posted elsewhere on this site for you to read.  It is entitled Central Methodist Mission as Jacob’s Well. Crocodile Dundee full movie


Let us pray to be enabled by God to faithfully live out of this Scripture so that the Living Water of Jesus will be experienced in our parched land.  Peace,

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