Sunday 5th December 2010

Welcome everyone!                                                                               

How do we prepare ourselves to welcome Jesus—as Advent invites us to do?  Jesus—King of kings…       yet born poor…       yet born soon to be a refugee…   yet born amidst state genocide.  Jesus—Lord of all…yet born to serve…yet born to wash feet.  Jesus—the exact image of God…yet born vulnerable in a shed…yet born anonymous…

One of the ways we can prepare ourselves to welcome Jesus this Advent time is to support International Human Rights day on the 10th of December 2010 which marks the 62nd anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This unique declaration, supported by the countries within the UN, sets out 30 common standards that all human beings – whoever they are and wherever they are – should have the right to.

This year, we can support Human Rights day by taking a simple step—going bare-foot-against-poverty on the 10th!

1.4 billion people are still living in extreme poverty, their right to a healthy living free from want being denied. By going barefoot against poverty, you are taking a first step for human rights – thinking about people who barely have food to put on their table, let alone shoes to put on their feet.  Check out the website:    We can also serve the Christ-like-poor at the homeless banquet next week.

With Bare-foot-vulnerability….Alan

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