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Last week while we were reflecting on the Armour of God in Ephesians 6:10-20, we were reminded that this text is not a call to arms but a call to armour—not a call to fight, but a call to stand—not a call to defend God, but a call to imitate God. 

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I quoted from a famous old preacher by the name of John Henry Jowatt who suggested that too often we want a shield to make us comfortable but Paul wanted a shield to keep him holy…he went on to say:

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Paul wanted a shield, not against failure…but against the pessimism that may be borne of failure.  Paul wanted a shield, not against injury…but against the foul offspring of revenge.  Paul wanted a shield, not against pain…but against the spirit of murmuring which is so frequently borne of pain, the deadly, deadening mood of complaint. 

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Paul wanted a shield, not against disappointment…but against the bitterness that is borne of disappointment, the mood of cynicism which sours the milk of human kindness and perverts all the gentle currents of the soul.  Paul wanted a shield, not against difficulty…but against the fear that is borne of difficulty, the cowardice and disloyalty which are so often bred of stupendous tasks.

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Let us pray for this shield that Paul prayed for.

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