Sunday, 06 September 2009


Safehouse film

Dear Friends,

Today is the first Sunday of Spring—even though this last week has felt more like Winter! Yet despite the cold wind and rain I see buds and blossoms pushing through with the promise of painting everything green and new. A reminder to us of God’s hidden yet faithful work during the Winter of creation. May this be a source of encouragement for us. When our own lives slip into Winter and the warmth of God’s presence seems very far away, let us trust that God is nevertheless at work in the deep places of who we are enabling new life to flourish once again. Our “Winter” will not last forever.

Spring is about new life. Allow me to suggest four things you may want to consider doing during September that may just bring new life:

Stop watching TV for one week and decide rather to read a book. If we have children or grandchildren lets read to them or lets simply be deliberate in connecting with our families instead of silently watching TV.
Read the Letter of James in the Bible (which is part of the Lectionary readings for this month) James is a kind of “how-to-manual” for the way of Life Jesus invites us into. Give it a go—it is only 4 pages in length.
Arrive at Sunday Worship 10 minutes early to silently pray in the Sanctuary—praying for an openness to God’s Spirit among us all.
Attend the Stepping Stones Rendezvous concert on the 26th Sep.
With the hope of new life, Alan

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