Sunday, 1st August 2010

Dear Friends      

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On Friday night many of us watched the amazing movie: As it is in Heaven, about a famous conductor who returns to his remote home town to recover from burnout.  He ends up conducting the church choir, by which the entire community is transformed. 


The movie is propelled by a dream.  “A dream to create music that will open people’s hearts.”    Gabrielle, a woman who breaks free of an abusive relationship, has  her heart opened and this is what she sings:


It is now that my life is mine, I’ve got this short time on earth,

And my longing has brought me here, All I lacked and all I gained,

And yet it’s the way that I choose, My trust was far beyond words,

That has shown me a little bit of the heaven I’ve never found,

I want to feel I’m alive all my living days

I will live as I desire I want to feel I’m alive

Knowing I was good enough


I have never lost who I was, I have only left it sleeping maybe,

I never had a choice just the will to stay alive,

All I want is to be happy being who I am,

To be strong and to be free, To see day arise from night

I am here and my life is only mine

And the heaven I thought was there

I’ll discover it there somewhere

I want to feel that I’ve lived my life.


May our hearts be opened that we may truly  feel we have lived our lives!  Alan

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