National Water Week 21 – 27 March

We live on the driest continent in the world. And South Africa is a “dry” land. All SA’s rivers flowing together only equal half of the Zambezi’s water or just less than 1/8th of the Mississippi river.

To show our reverence for this precious source of life we need to act with restraint in our use of water. All of us can do this starting today by reducing the amount of water we use to bath or shower. To collect rain runoff. To use “grey” water (recycling bath water into the garden etc.) this would be a life-giving Lenten commitment.

I read the other day that “most water returns to our oceans within 10 days as rainfall or run-off and is then returned to the clouds by evapourating within 3120 years. It is calculated that every drop of water on earth has been through the entire water cycle 1232 000 times. In other words we have certainly drunk water that has been through the kidneys of many dinosaurs.” Believe it or not?

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