Manna & Mercy

Manna & Mercy – written and illustrated by an amazing friend of Jesus, Dan Erlander – forms the basis of this innovative teaching retreat that facilitates a journey through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation in one weekend. The Bible is meant to be an instrument of God to enable abundant life for God’s creation. Sadly, through the ages it has been read and interpreted in such a way that it has been used as an instrument of human domination and death. It has been used to cheer on the crusades, support slavery, advocate apartheid, glorify genocide, sanction sexism, bless war and worship prosperity in the face of the poor, to name just a few horrors of our human history. During the Manna & Mercy retreat, we take a fresh look at scripture through the interpretive lens of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection and God’s overall call for each one of us to partner with God in mending this fractured world. The hope is that after we have done so, our interpretations and use of the scriptures will be truly liberating and life-enabling for all of creation.

Various Manna & Mercy retreats are planned for 2012 – please contact the church office for further information.

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