The Hebrew Liberation Out of Egypt

If you have not seen Just a Thought No. 3 yet, it’s well worth watching before you watch this one for some additional – albeit unnecessary – context.

Watching the Egyptian revolution unfold has been captivating. And I use the word ‘captivating’ as responsibly as one can with such heavy matters.

How is it in a time where people thought most sophisticated governments were too secure to be threatened can an entire nation rise up this unexpectedly and at this rapid rate?

Unrelated, but equally captivating, is where this domino piece falls into what looks like 2011’s 1989.

To make an even older connection, what (if anything) do Egyptian people of today have in common with the Hebrews who were freed from this very land some 3000? I’d venture the connection, and Alan’s interpretation, may surprise you. -Motheo

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