Harvest Festival 6 February

In February every year we celebrate Harvest Festival. It is an opportunity for us to bring food that will be given to those most in need. It is also an opportunity for us to make a commitment to be generous. Our reasoning is simple: God is Generous. We are born in God’s image. Therefore we are designed to be Generous.

Just as we should always pray, “Lord make me more loving and truthful,” so we should also pray, “Lord make me more generous”.

The aim of our generosity is to partner God in mending this broken world. This may happen through CMM or any other organization or initiative or individual. Therefore the important fact is not so much where we give, but that we give. I believe every act of generosity anywhere anytime that helps realize God’s dream for the world is a holy act!

I invite you to consider CMM as a further opportunity to be generous so that we may fulfill the dream of God in and through this community. For CMM’s bank details please refer to the Contact tab above.

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