“Armed with Coffee and Blankets …”



Sometimes a single news story (Times Live 2022 08 10) lays bare the profound contrasts of our society. The type of contrasts that cause us to swing between hope and despair on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis in this country. I came across such a story this past week. A news story that exposes both the brutality and the beauty, the fear and courage, the desperation and inspiration of people within our society.

I invite you to read the story as you would read scripture: After reading it once through I invite you to read it again – this time pausing prayerfully to lovingly hold in your heart each person mentioned in the “text” – starting with Khayelitsha Site B residents…Eskom employees …Babalwa Mabuya and her five friends…gangsters…Somalian shopkeepers…ward councillor…acting general manager…community leaders…business forums…government…unemployed youth.

I further invite you to carry this story into your week. Prayerfully return to it on a daily basis. Asking what this “text” is inviting me to be and do in the world?

With grace,

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