We see what we see…

These photos remind us that where we stand determines what we see. We see what we see according to our position and place in society. Where we live and what we earn. Our gender and skin colour, etc. May this reminder humble us in the way we share our own point of view and inspire us to welcome the different points of view of others. Together we may see the truth more fully.

Fast and Pray

The Presiding Bishop, Rev. Zipho Siwe has called on the Methodist Church of Southern Africa to fast and pray during September to “push the frontiers of evil back, especially in the area of education” and violence in our land. There are many different ways to fast. Here are some options for us to consider. With each option we would have to decide how long we would implement the fast for — a day or month.

• A complete fast, going without food and drink
• A liquid fast
• A fruit-only fast, or raw food only
• A sunrise to sunset fast
• A one-meal-a-day-fast
• A fast from certain foods and drink.

Substitute the time for eating with a time for prayer as well as an extra generosity in sharing with others.

Peace, Alan

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