The Blessedness of Unity

On Wednesday evening this sanctuary was packed — as we hosted a public dialogue on Palestine/Israel. It was packed with people who don’t normally come here. In fact it was packed full by people who would normally never come here — people of other religions and people with no religion: Jew/Muslim/Christian/Atheist and others.

Lots of people expressed their real appreciation that the Church would be “willing to host us”. A few asked: “How does your congregation feel about us being here?” At this I was reminded about last Sunday’s readings “how very good and pleasant it is when kindred live together in unity!” [Ps 133], and I could respond: “They are cool about it!”

I have included this graphic “The Tree of Contemplative Practices” to remind us that there are many different practices from different traditions that people through the ages have found to be means of grace. The question we should each ask ourselves is: “how many branches are on our tree?”.

Without branches we will not be able to hold any fruit …

Peace, Alan
Sunday 22 April 2012

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