Sunday, 6th June 2010

Dear Friends                                                                                



Today we say farewell to Mr Tobi after over 20 years of faithful service at CMM.  It is wonderful to have Mrs Tobi present with us this morning and to have many family and friends sharing in this momentous occasion. 


Please feel free to stay a little while after the service as we pay tribute to Mr. Tobi and share together over food.  Everyone is welcome!


Last week I was preaching in Khayelitsha and loved every minute of it.  What distressed me though was the fact that in the whole of Khayelitsha there were only two Methodist Ministers.  I had known this in theory, but to actually witness the full expanse and density of the area and to be taken to all the different Methodist places of worship—it really hit home.  I know how much I miss CMM if I am away for just one Sunday but in Khayelitsha the minister only gets to preach in each community once a quarter.  There is no way one can build up a community with such irregularity.  I hope we will be able to make connections with the Methodist people of Khayelitsha as we seek to “make the circle bigger”! 


Challenged and disturbed, Alan.


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