Be present to the present

My travel diary for the past week or so has been quite hectic. I started out in Port Elizabeth presenting the 2nd Barry Marshall Memorial Lecture. Some of you will remember that Barry, my friend and colleague, died two years ago while surfskiing in Algoa Bay. I spent time with Elaine and felt her pain that doesn’t go away. Oh that God’s promise of comfort may be real for her and all those who grieve. I was also again reminded how unpredictable life can be and that we should treasure each moment.

Then I went to Johannesburg, picked up a car and drove to Ladybrand through the beautiful Bethlehem and Ficksburg rock outcrops (too big to be hills yet too small to be mountains) — grateful for the reminder of God’s solidness.

From Ladybrand I drove to Maseru in Lesotho to attend the Methodist Conference and participate in the Ordination Service. The Presiding Bishop called us to join the “Revolution of Love” — and really, that is what the Gospel is all about. Which begs the question: “When last were we accused of being revolutionaries?” Or is there not enough evidence to make such an accusation?

I then returned to Johannesburg to catch a flight back to Cape Town, only to catch another flight to Port Elizabeth the next day to plan our October Indaba that will involve 250 clergy in discussion and reflection on where we believe God is calling us as a Church. As a Planning Committee we resisted the temptation to have a list of outcomes. Rather we are concentrating on the authenticity of the process by remaining truly present to all the participants — trusting that if our means are authentic so will the ends be. This is really all we can do — remain present to the present moment in grace and truth — and then be attentive and honest about what flows out of that. Anything else is a forced and manipulated agenda.  Alan

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