Sunday, 28 March 2010

Dear Friends                                                                                            


Today is Palm Sunday—the start of Holy Week.  Holy because of how Jesus love for the world was RAISED to Crucifying heights. 


Each evening this week we will be reflecting on “The Way of Forgiveness”. 


What exactly is forgiveness?   Do we always have to forgive?  Is there a time when we say: “enough is enough”? How do we forgive if we are still hurting?   How do we forgive if the person is no longer alive?  What have I got to gain by forgiving and what have I got to loose?  What other choices do we have besides forgiveness?


In the next few days we will be reflecting on these and other questions regarding forgiveness.  The Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday teachings will be building on each other so it will benefit you to   attend them all.  On Thursday we share in foot   washing and Holy Communion.  Starting 7pm.


We start tonight with the screening of the wonderful movie: The Widow of Saint-Pierre.  A movie that explores the depths of forgiveness and love with daring     sensitivity.  We start tonight at 6pm followed by a brief discussion.


Peace,  Alan


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