Sunday, 28 June 2009

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On Wednesday night I joined a Warm Winter Worship group (www@home) in someone’s home. 

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Even though there were only five of us, it felt like the whole world was present!  You see all five of us came from different countries: Sierra Leone; Zimbabwe; Nigeria; Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Africa.  I am sure it brought a smile to Jesus’ face knowing how much he hopes we will discover the truth of our oneness beneath the shallow identities of nationality and language that too often divide us.  Aenigma dvd As we mentioned last Sunday—Jesus would rather cross a stormy sea to the “other side” than accept separation between any peoples.


In last week’s sermon I mentioned that one way in which we can journey to the “other side” as a community is to broaden the way we worship, in both language and style.  Remembering what we learnt during

Connections, that long before worship is for Hidalgo video us, it is for God. 

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The question we are to ask ourselves is not, “what do we enjoy” but rather “what does Jesus enjoy”.  

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The way we worship paints a picture of who we say God is.  Therefore another question we should ask ourselves is: “what are we saying about God in the way we worship at CMM?”  Surely God would enjoy worship that includes the rich diversity of the languages represented among us, not only because God created and understands every tongue, but also because God is passionate about everyone feeling at home in God’s house.  And if there is one thing that makes us feel at home more than perhaps anything else—it is to speak and hear our mother tongue. 

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May our worship be a rich blend of God-given diversity.  Alan


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