Sunday 26th December 2010

Welcome everyone!

For unto us a child is born! In the Roman Catholic tradition, this day is the Feast of the Holy Family—Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Many of us have probably spent a lot of time with our families over the last several days—possibly too much! Others of us might be separated from our families—by physical distance, by emotional scars—and are feeling that absence acutely. Today, you’re surrounded by the family we’ve created together as Central Methodist Mission. These words might help us remember what family means: 

“….We must carry with us mercy, kindness, humility, meekness, patience, and—please don’t forget—forgiveness. These virtues must be done out of love. Not always an easy task, but we are also called to be family to each other, and in strong families, these virtues are learned and encouraged. Family members—biological or not—remind us of these virtues, sometimes at the moments when we are least patient or when our tank of compassion is on empty.

Close your eyes and give thanks for the family that enriches your life, either the family into which you were born or the family you have found to support you, or, if you are doubly blessed, both of these communities. Close your eyes and consider how you are family to others. Close your eyes and celebrate the presence of God.”

(Judy Coode, Pax Christi USA)

With thanksgiving for family ties of many kinds….Alan

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