Sunday 24th July 2011

Lately I have been reminded of the privilege it is to be in the presence of  people who risk being real.  Real, as in being, genuine and authentic without the protective mechanisms of pretence at play.  Real—in all its rawness by those who open their hearts and not simply their mouths when they speak.  People who are not content to paddle in the shallows of public approval—but who put out into the depths—beyond their own ability to control and manage.  Those who dare to grapple with the countless contradictions and boundless beauty of their human condition.  People who speak difficult truth — confession-like — regardless of how vulnerable it leaves them.

There is something about witnessing the “risking realness” of others that is not only inspiring but inviting.  For isn’t it true that one word spoken in truth enables another and another.  One confession uttered makes it easier for someone else to follow with their own…and so on.  This is an invitation for us to live “risking realness”.

At Wednesday Church we were told by an ‘angel’ named William (who heard the music in the Sanctuary and came in to see what was happening) that fear and pride are probably the greatest stumbling blocks preventing us from “risking realness”.  If this be so then it may mean that our first act of risking realness is to name and face our fear/pride, and for the courage to do this we best start with a prayer: “Lord, enable me to trust that nothing can ever  separate me from your love…nothing… now knowing your loving hold on my life help set me free to name and face my fear/pride.”

Joy-full journeying, Alan.


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