Sunday 23rd January 2011

Welcome everyone,

On the homepage you will notice that our annual Covenant Service takes place on the 30th January.  In order for us to prepare for this we are all invited to join together on Wednesday 26th (7pm – 9pm).  This will be our first Wednesday Church gathering and we will be reflecting on the Covenant prayer.

I believe the psalmist speaks for all of us when s/he prays, “As a deer longs for flowing streams so my life longs for you O God” [Psalm 42:1].  I also believe that the psalmist is speaking literally rather than metaphorically.  Simply put, we thirst for God as we thirst for water.

Human beings can only go without water for about three days and even one day without water is tough!  The same applies to our relationship with God—reminding us to drink daily from the multitude of means of grace given to us, not least the gifts of silence and prayer and reading of the Scriptures.

Equally it would be a health risk for us to think that we can last much past three days without connecting as Church.  Church simply understood is Christ-centered Community.

For this reason I want to invite you to attend Wednesday Church.

The evenings will generally include a mixture of  worship / teaching / discussion / coffee….from 7pm-9pm.

Prayer Practice will be from 6:30pm7pm every Wednesday

Grace, Alan

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