Sunday 20th February 2011

Welcome everyone!

This past Tuesday we had our first Order of Donkeys’ meeting.  This is the name we have given to the Leadership Team at CMM, reminding us of that old, old story, and our single most important task is to humbly carry Jesus into this city.

We realize that in order for us to faithfully carry Jesus in this city our most important task is to safeguard and grow our relationship with  Jesus through prayer and reflection on the Scriptures, together.  We have therefore not only committed to hold each other accountable to prayer and devotion, but also agreed to meet at CMM on a Sunday morning at 9am before the service to pray together.  This actually may be the most important decision the Order of Donkey’s ever makes!  This is open to everyone!!  How good it would be if we could all gather for prayer practice at 9am before the service.

Wednesday Church is alive and nourishing.  Remember none of us can survive longer than three days without water.  Wednesday Church promises living-water to inspire, challenge and comfort.  Once again how awe-some it would be if all us met midweek to worship God and grow as a  Christ-centered Community.  See you there, Alan.

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