Sunday, 11th April 2010

Dear Friends                                                                                                                    


In the sermon last week on Easter Sunday I said that Resurrection is not to be confused with the widely held belief in the “immortality of the soul”.   “Immortality of the soul” is a left over belief from Greek mythology which is most often understood as there being some part within us (“the soul”) that survives death when we physically die.  Resurrection differs from the belief in immortality in the following way:


“Immortality is a theory about human nature, that there is something within us that cannot die.  Resurrection affirms something about God, that God acts for those who are dead.  The resurrection refers to the act of God for a dead person, not the immortality of a being who cannot die.  Human beings are not        immortal and do not have immortal souls; they die and are powerless unless God acts to grant life ….Christian hope is in the resurrection , not in           immortality; it is hope in God, not in ourselves.”  [M.E Boring and F.B. Cradock in The People’s New Testament Commentary p101]


The resurrection is therefore the ultimate act of God’s grace!  It shows more than anything else that God helps those who cannot help themselves! 


Peace, Alan


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