Sunday, 07 February 2010

Dear Friends,                                                                                                                                     


Today is Harvest Festival.  Today we celebrate the life sustaining goodness of God.  We declare our gratitude for God’s generosity for providing an abundance for all of God’s creatures. 


In response to God’s generosity we are invited to consider our own.  Today each of us is given an opportunity to commit ourselves to a way of generous living and giving.  Inside this bulletin there is a pledge form.  We are invited to anonymously write down the gifts we commit to offering God.


Please note that at CMM we do not believe giving to God should ever be reduced to giving to the Church.  We “believe the world is our parish”  and so we trust that every gift of generosity given to anyone or any organization anywhere at any time is a sacred offering to God to take and use to mend this broken world that God so loves. 


The aim of today is to encourage us to become thoughtful and deliberate about our generosity in partnering God to make a Gospel difference in the world. 


Please be reminded of my role at CMM.  I am not here to fund-raise for the Church—as pastor I am here to remind us that we are called to grow in generosity just as we are called to grow in love and mercy and truth.  Please also note that our aim is never to become a rich church but rather an enriching church.  


Peace,  Alan.


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