Practise Generosity

Unlike the mass extinction events of geological history, the current extinction challenge is one for which a single species – ours – appears to be  almost wholly responsible.


Grace and peace to you …

Last week, in this bulletin, we reflected on how generosity is the fruit of falling in love. But even though being generous is the most natural thing in all the world for the one in love it also takes practise.

For us to grow in our generosity, we are called to be deliberate. We are called to be as intentional about giving money as we are in earning money. For many of us, our generosity happens “reactively”. In other words we are generous if and when someone asks us for help, or on a Sunday during the offertory it depends on whatever we happen to have in our wallet at the time. This is haphazard. To leave our generosity (sign of love) up to “chance” in these ways is a poor sign of our loving gratitude toward Jesus. Rather our gratitude should be a planned priority of our life.

One way in which we can make generosity a planned priority in our love relationship with Jesus is:

  • We look into our hearts touched by the Love of Jesus, and prayerfully ask Jesus to help us to give joyfully, generously and sacrificially, that our giving may be a clear sign of our gratitude.
  • We pledge a monthly or weekly amount of money to wherever we feel called to partner Jesus in healing this world. CMM may be one of the many avenues your generosity takes.
  • We make our pledge remembering that disciples do not try and get away with giving the minimum, but rather, disciples try and give as much as they can.
  • We make this pledged amount a planned priority by setting it aside at the beginning of every month. Love does not give left overs but rather our first fruits.
  • We work out what percentage this pledged amount is in relation to our income. This is helpful because it means we can set a goal of increasing our generosity over time. It is not about being legalistic but it is about making generosity a planned priority.

Grace, Alan

One prayer I have never known Jesus NOT to answer is: “Jesus make me more generous”.


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