Grace and Peace to you

In the light of last week’s reflection if we are going to be a people who choose life rather than death we are going to need to change our spirituality (meaning: world view) from one of separation to one of interconnectedness.

To help us shape this life-saving spirituality I share with you the following principles from the Metta Center for Non-Violence:

  1. Life is an interconnected whole of inestimable worth.
  2. We cannot be fulfilled by an indefinite consumption of things, but by an expansion of our relationships.
  3. We can never injure others without injuring ourselves, therefore:
  4. Security does not come from locking up “criminals” or defeating “enemies”; it can only come from rehabilitating offenders and turning enemies into friends. As Jesus taught: “Love your enemy and pray for those who persecute you.”

Grace, Alan

Read – Reflect – Renew

Psalm 132

Enter into the Silence
Into the Heart of Truth
For herein lies the Great Mystery
Where life is ever unfolding
Herein the Divine Plan is made known
The Plan all are invited to serve
Listen for the music of the Holy Word
In the resounding Silence of the universe
May balance and harmony be your aim
As you are drawn into the
Heart of Love.

Those who follow the way of Love
With calm and faith-filled intent
Know that all is working toward
Healing and wholeness
And may the healing power of love
Lift you from the limitations
Of fear and ignorance
Into the arms of freedom
May the peace of the Spirit bless you
And lead you on life’s journey
Be not afraid of the Silence
For Wisdom’s Voice is heard there!

As you follow the Light
You become gentle and kind
You come to live in the Light
Children enter into the world
Radiating the Spirit
Learn from them of innocence and simplicity
Learn to co-operate with the unseen realms
To see beyond the veil.

Wise are those who learn through silence
Learn then to listen well
For beyond the silence and stillness within
You will come to know a profound
And dazzling Silence
Herein lies the music of the spheres
The harmony of creation
Enter into the Holy Temple of your soul
Converse with the Beloved
In sweet communion
Blessings of the Great Silence be with you
As you help to rebuild the heart of the world with love!

~ Nan C. Merrill

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