Gospel economics

In the sermon last week we reflected on Gospel Economics as revealed to us through Jesus’ parable of the talents found in Matthew 25. The popular interpretation of this parable encourages us to not waste the gifts that God has given us and advises us to work hard.  Simply put: “God helps those who help themselves” (which by the way is not in the Bible).  But as we discussed last week (if you missed it you can listen to it at www.cmm.org.za ) it may well have been a peasant’s protest against the harsh master of economic inequality — who gave more to those who have, and took away from those who have little, leaving them with nothing.

In this light let me share some facts about South African income groups as printed earlier this year in the Business Report of the Cape Times:

24 060 179 people earn between R0-50k p/a

3 206 445 people earn between R50-100k p/a

3 489 549 people earn between R100-300k p/a

789 744 people earn between R300-500k p/a

304 767 people earn between R500-750k p/a

217 570 people earn R750k or more p/a

No wonder we are known as one of the most unequal countries in the world.   Alan

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