Gardening is Godly

One of the things we agreed to at our Congregational Meeting the other night was that we would go ahead with the GREENING around the sanctuary. So, between the sanctuary and the metal railing we are going to plant a garden — imagine granadilla creepers interspersed with tomatoes and goose/blue/raspberries.

 And here are the reasons why:

  • Gardening is Godly! Remember right back in the beginning — God planted a Garden. Genesis 2:8.
  • To celebrate the beauty of God’s creation.
  • To be a sign of Jesus’ promise of abundant life.
  • To honour the Biblical teaching that we must “not reap to the very edge of our fields — leave them for the poor” and vulnerable of society: the widow, orphan and foreigner. Leviticus 19:9 reminds us that the poor are legitimate shareholders of every business.
  • To extend what we do outside into a educative display inside — to encourage all of us to become Godly gardeners — planters of food for the nation. Imagine if the boarders of our property overflowed with food for the hungry.
  • To offset some of the carbon emissions that we as a community generate. (Today we will be launching our “carbon tax — green box” — more details later).
  • All the planting will take place within used Dairymaid milk crates — to prove that we don’t need a big garden to grow our own food. This is the creative work of Touching The Earth Lightly (

This week the seeds will be planted (off-site) with the hope that in Spring they will be well established to “come to Church”.

Peace, Alan

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