The Organ

The original pipe organ at the Cape Town Metropolitan Methodist Church (the current Central Methodist Mission – CMM) was installed by the English organ building firm, J.J. Binns. James Jepson Binns (1855 – 1929) established his company in Bramley, Leeds in 1880 and soon gained a reputation for fine craftsmanship and durability of his instruments. These were so well built that they soon earned the nickname of “Battleship Binns” because they were virtually indestructible.

In late 1960 the organ was modernised and some tonal changes were made to enhance the organ’s versatility. In 1961 the mechanism of the organ was electrified (previously it had used its own air pressure to operate on a pneumatic system). The upgrade was finally completed in August 1961.

Here are some pictures of the “belly of Battleship Binns”.

Lovely imposing views of the organ.

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