The Makubalo Family

The Makubalo Family: Nathi, Khoza, Sikawu, Ulelethu.


Nathi and Sikawu are now 19 years married.
Both hail from Alice in the Eastern Cape and very proud of their rural roots.
They are parents to two boys, Khoza and Ulelethu.


It is with great joy that I introduce to you the Makubalo family who will be coming to Table Bay Circuit and CMM when I leave at the end of the year. You are receiving 4 for 1! And from Jubilee’s perspective you are receiving 2 for 1. (Jubilee says he will make sure that Shaka and Sgaqagaqa – he is still working on the pronunciation – feel welcome.)

The Makubalos are presently at Tokai Methodist. Before Tokai they were at Randburg Methodist in Gauteng. Sikawu was ordained in 2008, and where-ever he has served – communities have grown in what it means to be a Jesus follower in SA today. You will get to know of his integrity and humility in a short time – of this, I am sure.

While I am very relieved and grateful to the Methodist Conference sending the Makubalo family to us, I invite you to keep in mind the Tokai community who grieve their surprise move. You have known of my move for a long time, yet Tokai and the Makubalos have only just found out about their move. So, we need to do everything we can to ease the transition. We are still in the process of deciding living arrangements, etc. but are confident we will have everything sorted in time.

When the family is not enjoying a braai they are supporting Nathi when she participates in marathon running, or enjoying the outdoors with Shaka and Sgaqagaqa.


Khoza is 18 years old and finishing matric at Wynberg Boys High School.
He aspires to have a career in the Film and Media industry. 


Ulelethu is 16 years old in Grade 10 at
Wynberg Boys.
He plays cricket and hockey and aspires to be
an engineer.
Doesn’t like taking pictures. 


Due to Conference also moving the Stewe family out of the Table Bay Circuit – the changes are multi-layered. Sikawu is not simply replacing me he is also in part replacing John Stewe. In other words, there is a reduction in clergy in the circuit from three to two. Thus, the work within the Circuit will need to be re-configured. This is a challenge at the best of times. Yet, I trust that Sikawu together with Solomzi who remains in the Circuit will bring life to this process of change. You are in good hands.

Grace, Alan

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