Sunday 5th September 2010

Dear Friends                                                                                                    


A very special welcome to Rev Trevor Bosman who will be proclaiming the good news this morning.  Trevor is a retired Methodist minister who reminds us that we never retire from doing God’s work.   Thank you Trevor for your witness.


Today I am in Pietermaritzburg celebrating the opening of the Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary [SMMS].  The new seminary now makes it possible for every Methodist probationer minister to begin their journey towards ordination with three years of full-time study—study that will engage their heads, hearts and hands—preparing their whole person to proclaim the Gospel with grace and in truth.  I am pleased to let you know that CMM has given a gift of R20 000 from our tithe account towards the seminary.


Someone asked me why we were giving money to the [SMMS] when CMM itself is struggling financially.  Well the answer is quite simple really.  CMM as a community not only teaches tithing—it practices tithing.  This means that 10% of every offering or donation given to CMM is inturn given away to bless, heal, comfort, equip, feed, educate, inspire, love etc. etc. others beyond our own community. 


I invite us all to re-look at our own relationship we have with money in the light of our relationship with Jesus.  This is not always comfortable, but it is necessary if we are serious about naming Jesus Lord of our life.  It is also necessary if we are going to be faithful in living out God’s dream for the city through CMM.  Ministry costs money, and in the next few months we are not only going to be restoring this grand old building—but we are going to be venturing out in new and creative and hopefully life-giving ways to the city like never before.  As we share the vision I invite us all to actively share the cost.  Grace, Alan.


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