Sunday, 31 May 2009


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It is our custom that once a year during Synod all the preachers exchange pulpits throughout the region.  This reminds us that we belong to a large , diverse and expansive family. 

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As a result I will be preaching in Blue Downs (not sure where that is yet, although by the time you read this I hope I do!) and the Rev. Michael Lambaatjeen is preaching here at CMM this morning.  It is fitting that on Pentecost Sunday the Word of God is brought to you from a “different tongue”.   Welcome Michael, be at home!   Break ipod


I have referred before to Sally Brampton’s book: Shoot the damn dog: a memoir of depression.  It documents the harrowing and hope filled journey from the  desperation and darkness of depression  towards light and life.  What makes her words sound extra crisp when she is describing what contributed towards her healing is the fact that  she describes herself as a “fully paid-up and passionate atheist”.  She writes: “The only antidote to hopelessness is faith, trust, belief—call it what you like—and, through attending AA and seeing the love, kindness, compassion and respect that people regularly show each other in the meetings, I began to believe again in the kindness of strangers and in community.  You might say that AA restored my faith.  It taught me not to interrupt, to listen to other people and look at them without judgement. 

It taught me compassion, forgiveness, tolerance and understanding and not just for other people but for myself. 

Most of all, it taught me about the redemptive power of love and friendship.” Goodbye Lover hd

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Wow!  It was through her experience of a kind and compassionate community that was simply trying to deal with their hurting and often messed up lives in open and trusting honesty that taught Sally about the saving power of love.  Sounds like she got to taste what Jesus hoped the Church would be in the world!  Peace, 


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