Sunday, 29 March 2009

Dear Friends                                                                             


A special welcome to Rev Ken Leverton who will be sharing the Gospel with us this morning.  I am preaching at Salt River and Observatory today.  Nicholas Nickleby movies Please pray for the leadership of these congregations together with Woodstock congregation in their search for a new minister as a result of the moving of Rev. Greg Andrews.


In the sermons of the last two weeks we have seen that as soon as the blisters on the hands of the ancient Israelites, resulting from Pharaoh’s brickyard, were replaced by blisters on their feet from the wilderness sands, they began to complain. 

Forgetting their oppressive past they began to scorn the mighty acts of God’s liberating love.


I believe this past week we have witnessed a similar scorn towards the mighty acts of God’s liberating love in South Africa by the government refusing to allow the Dalai Lama to visit.  It reveals a shameful forgetfulness of our own past of a previous regime who would dictatorially decide to prevent the free movement of spokespeople for justice.  Praise God for people like Minister Hogan for stating South Africa’s true “best interests” namely that of respect for human rights.  Lord have mercy on our wilderness-situated-land, you set us free from bondage now guide us to our land of promise which seems so far away. 

Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi full movie Peace, Basket Case move Alan


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