Sunday, 28 December 2008

Dear Friends,

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What is your prayer for 2009?  What is the single most important word you desire to bring to God?  Ted Loader defines prayer as “my heart is in my mouth” – so let me ask you the same question another way: what sound does your heart make when it is in your mouth and you speaking with God?   Sleuth movie full

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It may be helpful to ask ourselves another question in order to assist us to discern not only what our prayer

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but what our prayer should be!  So let us ask:


What prayer should we be praying for Jesus to be more deeply loved, more faithfully followed and more fully glorified in each of our lives?

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We can start by praying: “Lord help me to discern what prayer I need to be praying so that I can love, follow and glorify Jesus more in my living in 2009.”


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Peace and Joy to you – Alan.


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