Sunday 27th June 2010

Dear Friends     



Well today I am 16 424 km away from you—in Seattle.  As you gather this morning at 10am I am hopefully asleep because it is 1am!  I will be preaching this evening when it will be about 3am your time—feel free to wake up and pray for me!


I am at an amazing place called Holden Village situated North East of Seattle      surrounded by the abundant beauty of the Cascade Mountains high above Lake Chelan.  “Holden Village is a center for renewal, a Lutheran ministry welcoming all people into the wilderness to be called, equipped and sent by God.  Thousands of visitors come to Holden each year to experience learning, worship and hilarity.”  I will be leading the morning Bible studies for the community this coming week.  The entire place runs by volunteers—teachers, pastors, musicians, cooks, maintenance, pre-school care, medics, gardening—you name it.  Everyone brings and shares their gift resulting in a rich tapestry of community life.  See


Next week I will be going to Vancouver to do a little teaching and sharing and a lot of learning at First United Church—a community at the margins where “post    modern atheists, traditional Christians and members of other faith communities can make a difference together”. 

Sounds like the lamb and wolf are lying down together!




Then I will return to Seattle to facilitate a Manna and Mercy weekend before     returning home at Bethany United Church of Christ.  See Please pray for the gift of tongues so that grace and truth is spoken and the gift of ears so that grace and truth is heard. 

See you soon.  Alan


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