Sunday, 24 May 2009

Dear Friends                

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As you know every Wednesday evening we get together for soup and bread and song and prayer and sharing, to which EVERYONE is welcome.  Thank You, Mr. Moto hd

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This past Wednesday evening during our discussions, inspired by the Manna and Mercy workbook, we reflected on God’s plan to teach a partner people how to live trusting that the nations of the world will notice how these people live. 

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The nations will see how joyful life can be, and tired of war, oppression, and greed they will ask these partner people to teach them how to live. 


Yes, God actually trusts that we can live life in gentle, healing and generous ways that will make the rest of the world want to stop in for lessons! 

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Inspired by God’s huge faith in us to live life in life–giving ways, we wondered what sort of community God would like CMM to be.  Here it is in the form of a prayer:


Lord, please shape us into an all-inclusive, non-judgemental and non-imposing community, with integrity and without being self-righteous.  Amen. 


Then we went deeper, asking what “all-inclusive” means and wondering who in our surroundings may have any inhibitions about whether they would actually be welcome at CMM.  The following came to mind:

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homeless people; foreigners; sex workers; young people; gays and non-churched people.   Now what? 

How do you think God wants to answer this prayer through us?  Lets pray the prayer and see.  Peace, Alan.


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