Sunday, 21 February 2010

Dear Friends                                                                                                  


As we begin our service, they begin their trial

As we meet to support Ecclesia they meet to judge

As we meet in solidarity they meet in legality

As we begin in prayer, so do they

We are us and they are them

Yet we are one

We are them and they are us

As a body within Your body

We feel and see Flesh parting – from a flogging

The paschal range is played out before us

Hasty trials

Expedient decisions

Multiple denials

Bystanders from a distance


Some help to carry the cross

Mocking, hate, rejection,

Many victims

The state watches, bemused

Blood and water flow, separated

The water no longer offering the eternal welcome of Baptism

We trust You Lord to have the last word.



[This is a prayer written by my colleague Rev. John Wessels.  John prayed this prayer at a service that was held in support of and in solidarity with Rev. Ecclesia de Lange.  The service of solidarity took place at the exact time as the Church appeal court met to decide on  Ecclesia’s future as a Methodist minister as a result of her   marrying her partner Amanda on the 15th December 2009.  This past Wednesday we heard that Ecclesia had been discontinued as a  Methodist Minister.  If you would like to know more about Ecclesia you can collect a copy of “Ecclesia’s Story” from the back table.  In grief, Alan]


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