Sunday, 19 April 2009

Dear Friends,

It is great to have Dr. Gilbert Lawrence sharing the Good News with us this morning. Thank you in advance Gilbert for the gifts you bring to us.

In these Resurrection days I remind you of theologian, Morton Kelsey’s insight into the significance of the Resurrection that literally turns our understanding of the world up-side down:

“On the first Easter morning the disciples were suddenly confronted with a world in which God was more powerful than the Temple, or Rome, or any other power … Of course part of them rejoiced in the hope that Jesus had risen, but still more of them were stupefied, paralysed with fear. The world was the way Jesus had described it. They had never quite believed him … If it were true, … then they had built their lives on all the wrong assumptions. If the Resurrection is true, then this world is not what it seems to be, and I may be called to follow the way of love revealed in this event.”

Easter affirms that the world is the way Jesus described it. This means that the truly blessed ones in this world are the ones who Jesus calls blessed and not the ones who Fortune Magazine or Vanity Fair call blessed.

Blessed are the poor and lowly. The marginalised and disadvantaged – the ones who always come last. The just and gentle. The humble and merciful. The non-judgemental and the joyfully sacrificial. The mourners who are not left cold by death. The truth tellers and pure in heart. The failing who try again and the generous who give again and again. The blessed are the prayers on their knees and prophets on their feet. The lover of enemies and forgiver of wrongdoers 70×7. The ones who worry not what clothes they wear having considered the lilies clothed in Godly splendour. The child who shares bread and fish with a crowd way to big and a convicted thief who asks for the one thing he couldn’t steal – to be remembered in love.

May we seek after this blessed life. – AlanA Good Year It’s All About Love film

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