Sunday, 16 August 2009


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Every now and then we need to be reminded about our calling in life.  The Scriptures are filled with powerful reminders like Paul’s amazing suggestion that we are called to be “Christ’s ambassadors” [2 Cor. 5:20].  Take a moment to think about what it means to be an ambassador…..

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Recently I read: “An ambassador is a representative who bears someone else’s message in their absence. 

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Ambassadors live in foreign countries, which they never really call home.  Living within a country other than their own, their practices, loyalties, national interests and even their accent appear strange to the citizens of those countries where they are posted.” 

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[Katongole and Rice: Reconciling All Things].  In short, ambassadors represent another authority within a foreign land.  I think this is just what Paul had in mind as he hopes we will represent Christ in the world. 


So I reckon we should see Sunday School  as “Christ’s Ambassador College”.  

This should be our greatest hope for our young people: namely that they graduate with degrees in “Jesus Studies” that inform their practices, loyalties and interests which will ultimately transform the world. 

Sunday School should not be seen as “keeping the children occupied while the parents are in church”, but rather a campus of radical learning that will facilitate world liberation.  To this end I invite you to please pray for the future of our Sunday School—I mean, “Christ’s Ambassador College”.  The Witches of Eastwick dvd Peace, Alan


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