Sunday, 11 October 2009

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Welcome!  Especially to the visitors present for the celebration of Baptism today.  Candy movie download

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One Eight Seven dvdrip Blood Trails dvdrip You may not be known to all of us, but you are known to God—and for this reason more than any other we rejoice in your presence among us.


In Baptism we rejoice that each child is a new creation in Christ and is thereby given the gift of a new context to live out their life and a new power by which to live their life.

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The new context to live out their life is Jesus’ body (the church) where each of us is called to risk truthful togetherness, and the new power by which to live their life, is his grace, which is the merciful love of God that out stretches our sin and invites us to try again.


Now, we cannot with integrity, celebrate the sacrament of Baptism unless we ourselves, recommit to truthful togetherness, so let us be encouraged to find another person in this congregation with whom we will risk truthful connection.  Someone we have known for years or someone we have just been introduced to.  We will not be able to do this without the power of God’s grace, because truthful togetherness has the potential to unsettle us profoundly if it is not held with mercy.  Jab We Met download

Mountains of mercy!  Herein lies the way of true freedom—grace and truth.  May the newly Baptised witness our grace-full and truth-full way of living. 

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Peace, Alan


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