Bulletin 31st August 2011

Last week we were reeling in shock as we heard the news of the killings in Norway.  A tragic testimony of what one person filled with fear and prejudice can achieve.

The reporting of the events as they were unfolding in Norway were also disturbingly filled with their own fear and prejudice.  At first it was reported that it must be Al-Qaeda or some “Muslim fundamentalist”.  And when it was finally revealed that it was a Christian fundamentalist—then all mention of his religion became irrelevant, and he was thereafter referred to as a “far-rightwinger”.  Such is the continued prejudice of so much media coverage about Muslims.   This is shameful.

Shortly after the horror of the shootings I was moved by the amazing words from Eskil Pedersen, the youth camp leader where the killings took place, “We will meet terror and violence with more democracy…we will continue to fight against intolerance.”  How different these words are to what we heard after 9/11 and other such attacks!

It reminded me of 1 Peter 3:9 “Never return evil for evil…but on the contrary repay with a blessing.”  We thank God for people who live these words out—may their example inspire all of us to be more   Christ-like.  Alan





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