Mr. and Mrs. Jone/Smith (Part 2)

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(The second part of a two-part series. It’s important you watch part 1 before this part.) Herein we conclude the dangers of attributing any event that happens in our world as God’s will,

Mr. and Mrs. Jones/Smith

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Where does God fit into experiences where ‘fortune’ saves some, and misfortune ‘harms’ others?


March 22, 2011  |  Videos  |  Comments Off on Forty

Our society attaches numbers to their numerical value. In a time gone by, numbers also had deep symbolic value. The number – or ‘symbol’ – 40 is of great importance in the bible. It’s the amount of days that make up lent, and it also happens to be the period in weeks that a mother goes through pregnancy. Surely this is not a coincidence. Or is it?

Holiness is relationship

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In the bible, we are tasked to be holy. Yet, what is it to be holy? We explore this question, and the counter intuitive things it demands of us.

To those who carve out the tracks …

March 12, 2011  |  Sunday Letter  |  Comments Off on To those who carve out the tracks …

Even though I had a great trip overseas, it is great to be back home — thank you to everyone who travelled with me in prayer, and for those who were landed with extra work as a result of me being away!

Well the week that I left it was at least 35 degrees in the city bowl, so you will understand that my system was in shock when I landed in Minnesota to sub-zero temperatures, getting to as low as -17 degrees at one point during my visit.

In fact the day after I arrived my hosts thought it would be a good idea for me to try cross-country skiing to acclimatise. I thought so too! I figured because I could down-hill ski that cross-country skiing should be a breeze. Before clicking into my skis I looked with envy at the experienced cross-country skiers gliding briskly and effortlessly across the smooth, white carpet of snow. I pictured myself soon imitating them.  In short, I was confident.

My friend advised that I stick to the cross-country track (two parallel ruts in the snow that help to direct one’s skis). I admit when I heard this I thought to myself that I was being unnecessarily stifled. After ignoring the advice I soon found myself “slip sliding away” down the broad path of aimlessness — with no control to stop myself. Humbled I decided to take the advice and get into the track that I now realised was there to enable, rather than curtail my freedom. I soon became very appreciative of those who had gone before, who had carved out the track in the first place.

As we start our Lenten journey I suggest that we step into the carved-out tracks of the faithful who have gone before us, and be increasingly deliberate in our devotion to Jesus. To enter the track of prayerful silence and reading the Scriptures not just to be informed, but transformed. To hunger for justice for another human being who has been wronged, and to share mercy with someone who has wronged us. To live in reverent relationship with creation by preserving our natural resources.

This track is for our freedom!  Alan
Sunday 13 March 2011


March 9, 2011  |  Videos  |  Comments Off on Success

Is your measure of success amassing money as quickly as possible so you can retire young and live an idle life, you fool?

Choose Life (Part 4)

March 5, 2011  |  Videos  |  Comments Off on Choose Life (Part 4)

The last entry in our series on Choosing Life. This time around we discuss the value of making choices for the lives that come after you. For the people you may never need, yet are greatly affected by the decisions we, as individuals and as a collective, make.

Choose Life (part 3)

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We continue our series on Choosing Life. This time around, we ask the important question: What is life? Moreover, does it go beyond just having a pulse?


Choose Life (part 2)

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This is the second of a four part look into the concept of Choosing Life. It is well advised you watch last week’s video before this one.

We use a method of textual analysis to see what different pieces of scripture mean by looking at them through different guises. Last week we ask the question: ‘What does the text say about human beings’? This week we ask the question ‘what do we learn about God from reading the text’?

Just a Thought No. 8

February 22, 2011  |  Videos  |  Comments Off on Just a Thought No. 8

Human beings always have a choice. Sometimes the options aren’t great, but human beings always have a choice. What will you choose?